Monday, March 14, 2011

Negate Malayalam 'Syndrome'

To be honest, I have no clue about the title of this blog. I dont know to what degree will it correlate to the crux mentioned inside the fold.

The other day I was forced to accompany my friend for seeing a girl. Quite obvious that he is intending to settle down finally. We went past normal procedures and suddenly the girl's parents pop up "Our daugher is not good with Malayalam." Trust me, they were kind of proud when they said this and heads held very high. My friend said.."Thats all right, not every attribute would find a perfect fit." "One of my other friend wanted to marry a girl with long beautiful balck hair. Guess what he got finally? a girl with hair may be till shoulders." I added with a thin smile.

Let me not deviate and come back to the point. What I want to say in plan language is that Malayalam is a language spoken by a relatively small number of people from Kerala. In the near and distant future there does not exist even a microscopic chance where Tamilians or North Indians would learn this language even for fun sake, forget the foreigners. It is a shame that we cannot speak, read and write our own mother tongue. Parents are committing a huge mistake by not passing on our culture and values to the next generation. I fear of those days when English may become the official language of Kerala. I am under serious thought on how to effectively promote my mother tongue.

At this point an enormous fear/unrest cross es my heart and my heart recites two lines from the great poet Vallathol's "Other Languages are just my AAyas (care mother) and Malayalam is my birth mother." Hmm..excuse my translation...:-)

Additions/Correction/Suggestions are welcome...