Monday, June 14, 2010

Free will - Vedanta, Law of Attraction and Quantum Physics

One of my friends(Jaidev :) ) introduced me to the concept of "the Law of Attraction" . Found a very good article on the internet about it by Steve Pavlina.

Trying to reconcile different views as from Vedanta, Quantum Physics and the above theory.

Quantum Physics talks about infinite number of parallel worlds which co-exist in all timeframes(past, present and future). Since the physical world is the projection of the thought of the thinker, it should be that there are infinite ways in which the thinker can think which can result in these infinite possibilities. Further there is a conclusion drawn by modern Physics that the world changes so as to fit in with each of our thoughts - this is inline with what Steve Pavlina says. The answer being simple, the world is nothing but a creation of "mine", my mind. But the important thing being i am unaware of it :-) , or am not able to believe it.

Steve says something very good :
You may have a higher order belief that life is random, unfair, uncertain, etc., so in that case you may manifest a surprise because that’s what you’re intending.
Being the only intender in your reality places a huge
responsibility on your shoulders. You can give up control of your reality by thinking (intending) randomness and uncertainty, but you can never give up responsibility.

Coming to Vedanta :
Vedanta speaks of three types of Karma - Prarabda, Sanchita and Aagami. Prarabda being the fruits of our previous actions , Sanchita the fruits which are about to be borne, Aagami the new fruits we tend to deserve from our pending actions . Aagami is nothing but our reaction to the manifestation of Prarabda karma. That is if the current version of the universe(physical and mental) which we have projected is as a result of our Prarabda, how we react to it makes up the Aagami karma :-) . The Law of Attraction speaks of complete freedom to choose what we want, as we are the one who dream, of this world. But as per Vedanta, there are ties of Prarabda which have the potential to bring about Aagami. Prarabda karma which manifests can affect our mental and psychic tendencies in a huge way, depends on how long we can remain aware that this is a dream and not get lost in it again....Again the duration of that awareness, is it predecided? Who decides that? and When? Or is it yet to be decided at the free will of the thinker? :) This should be the reason why inspite of arriving at the theory our ways of arriving at the truth arent the same or of the same duration.

There is another conflicting thought as regards to the working out of Prarabda, for that to be achieved the universe will need to be set like a stage so that we get our dues for our past actions/intentions, the cause and effect duo. So universe becomes a stage, a stage set in our dream, whatever we have already set in motion in the dream will have to play till it wears out.

By then we can choose to wake up :)