Wednesday, October 26, 2005

On your birthday..........

This describes the thoughts of a girl-The next day is her guy’s birthday. When the whole world is asleep, she stays awake. Both of them had to be separated due to some cause. She thinks about the lovely days when both of them were together- sharing their joys and sorrows. But however hard she tries, she cannot forget him and she has nothing to give him on his birthday other than her heartfelt note, in the end she also adds that she wants him to be happy- that’s why she says that she is ready to take all his sorrows and to give him all her happiness.
When this day comes to a dark end,
For the bright beginning of the next morn,
When the song of night lulls men to sleep,
I stay awake here, just for you!
Your day is fast approaching,
Just a few minutes are left ahead,
When you are amidst your dear ones,
When you receive their lovely gifts,
I’ve none but this heartfelt note.
You may take it as a gift, or just a stranger’s note.
The bygone days are gone forever, I know,
But there are certain questions
Which still remain unanswered,
Why did you wipe out my tears?
Why did you broaden my smile?
Was it to let me drown,
Deep in an ocean of tears?
Though we are trying to forget each other,
How will I forget your day?
And on this lovely occasion, I tell you my dear,
Let all your tears be mine
And all my smile be yours,
Here’s all my happiness,
Take it, for it’s yours.


neeth said...

arey yaar...
aisa likeh ka tho log socheka ki mein thumhaari guy hoom..
thoda clarify karo na...

soorya said...

Hi Sindhya
What makes neeth put up such a comment????.....anyway i am ROTFL:))...........
but your poem is quite we had a silent poet here in with us;).....keep writing...